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About us

About us

Timiza Capital Offers one of the best savings and loan products services in the country

Timiza Capital started way back in 2014 and was registered with the Government department of Social Development.  The main aim was to put women together in groups to access financial services. The groups grew tremendously both in numbers and in accumulation of savings.  Men who were left out by then also developed interest of joining the groups.

Efforts to approach the Financial institution for finances, to fund the group activities were not fruitful as the banks could only fund them individually but not as groups. This posed a challenge as the members continued to increase

To incorporate all both male and female Timiza Capital was registered as a Private Limited Company that enabled the Directors to inject their own funds making the funds available for the group members to borrow. Timiza Capital incorporates all and was able to zeal the gap of including all in to the groups both old and young whether men or women


We Prioritize Our Clients

Quality Comes First: Endeavoring to walk with our clients every step of the way by building long lasting relationships anchored on trust.

To be a financial partner that small scale traders can trust and rely on
To offer financial and training solution to positively impact our customers and improve their lives.

We achieve our mission by mobilizing groups, providing training on group management and funding dreams.

Timiza Capital targets the low and middle level traders by carrying out the following activities.

Registration: The members are registered in to groups of 5 to 10 and they meet monthly or weekly.

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